Smart Lockers

Customized solutions, adapted to your needs


Simplify your transactions with a smart locker

  • Simplified access: open bins with an access code, mobile application, magnetic card or QR code.
  • Reinforced security: new access codes are generated automatically.
  • Activity Tracking: the locker is a connected object. It can trace and store actions performed by the user.
  • Automation: heat up, sanitize or automatically perform other tasks related to your business. Our team develops complete automated value chains.
  • Reduction of thefts: by embedding an RFID chip in high value assets, we know which object has been placed, when and by which user.


Anti-corrosion structure. All the parts are made of electro-galvanized steel.
10/10th metal doors mounted on invisible hinges


Door coverings in wood, leather and vinyl.  Graphics skins of your choice. Colors of bodies and doors, according to color chart.
Available in units of 1, 2 or 3 columns in standard widths of 300mm or 400mm. Customizable dimensions.


Adjustable hinges.
Ventilation in each compartment to prevent moisture.


Remote controlled electric lock. Available in outdoor version.
Optional key locks.


By code on touch screen, magnetic card, badge, bar code, QR code, mobile application.
Electronic system protected against electrical overloads and shocks
circuits. Inverter for CPU protection.



Mechanical override for opening.
RFID asset tracking system.
Badge reader, bar code and QR code.
SMS notifications. 4G modem.

Thanks to our choice of dimensions, materials and colors, your smart locker project can be integrated into the environment of your choice.

Installation service and after-sales warranty