A flexible solution adapted to your needs


Parcel Management

Residential and office buildings, banks, universities and hospitals can simplify the parcel reception. Users will receive instructions on how to collect their package using a code, a mobile application or a magnetic card.

Asset Tracking

Manufacturers and hospitals who want to innovate in automation and track objects, tools, products, have traceability of their use, can use our specialized lockers for asset tracking.

Medicine and pharmaceuticals

Patients can pick up the drugs in their pharmacy without waiting, once the prescription has been submitted online.

Click & Collect

Businesses using e-commerce solutions can make products available in lockers. This enables 24×7 pick up and avoids waiting in store.

Logging and storage

Installed in leisure areas: ski resorts, sports halls, etc. The user books his space via the dedicated application for a given time and space and pays directly on his phone app.


Companies can collect or exchange defective equipment in lockers and reduce wait times for employees, new employees and teleworkers.

Our solutions are developed and adapted to your needs. Contact us and let’s build your project together!